5 Surprise Places to Have Crazy Apartment Sex

You might not be surprised the bed is included in this list. Yeah, OK, so it's pretty usual. But how about some additions? Have you really made the most of your apartment for sex, lately? GetLusty for Couples' Bethany Kibblesmith is here talking about making the most of your humble abode.

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We’ve already covered having wonderful ideas for having sex in your kitchen in depth, but there are plenty of other places, in even the tiniest of apartments, to get it on. Let's explore a few places in your apartment you kind try out. Think missionary position in your bedroom is getting a little stale? Check out these rooms... I dare you!

#1 The Bed (Duh.)

The tried-and-true. The go-to. And, depending on the size of your place, perhaps the only comfortable, if not disturbingly multi-functional, surface. However: don’t discount this furniture workhorse as been-there-done-that boring. Have you hung over the edge while being entered from behind? Been tied to the posts and teased mercilessly? Engaged with such raw passion the sheets were damp, torn and/or in a heap on the floor? Used the edge as leverage; the headboard for torque?

Maybe it’s time to shoo the cat, hide the magazines, change the sheets (or don’t) and sexplore.

#2 Closets

There’s something inherently naughty about doing it in a small, dark space amid winter coats and cocktail dresses. How about pretending you’re at a party and the house is full of guests? Sneak in, shut the door and cover your mouths so no one will hear you (wink). A closet can also be a boon for those into BDSM. Put the winter coats and cocktail dresses elsewhere and tie your lover to the bar. Shut the door while they squirm and you plan your loving torture.

#3 Bathroom 

Before you say “eww”, remember: this is where the shower is. The bathtub. The edge of the bathtub. The strategically placed medicine cabinet mirror. While it’s true natural lubrication can lose some of its slickness in water.

Who’s to say you can’t stash a bottle of lube amongst the shampoo and conditioner? Have a sensual, exploratory bath? Or try the tub dry and enjoy rinsing off the fruits of your labor afterward. What about erotically soaping each other’s genitals with something gentle and organic then revisiting #1?

Being clean is a must for anal play and oral sex, so respect the erotic oasis that is your bathroom and get busy.

#4 The Laundry Room 

While technically not a part of the apartment (unless you’ve got a fancy in-unit thing going on), a shared laundry room can be tremblingly thrilling. But it is not for the faint of heart. In light of the distinct possibility of neighbors walking in, the laundry room is for those who enjoy flirting with being caught. Still with me? Let's proceed.

Like kitchen counters, washers and dryers are (usually) a good height for serious penetration - with the added bonus of, should you invest a few quarters, rhythmic motion. Don't discount the folding table. Sundry props (never use anyone else's belongings). Or your storage unit, if you have one (aspects of #3 are applicable).

Proceed with caution! Should you be discovered, there could be serious consequences. No fooling. Should you get away with it, however, it could become a powerful bonding experience you’ll reminisce about for years.

#5 The Balcony

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a balcony. But here in Chicago, they are aplenty. For some of the less private models, or those on the ground floor, you'll have to get creative. Why not use the feeling of being exposed to induce a delicious sense of danger while knowing at any time you can rush back in to #1, #2 or #3?

Kick back, have a glass of wine and quietly talk dirty to each other while people pass on the street. Or how about wearing a skirt sans panties and allowing your lover a long look when the coast is clear? A strategically placed garment can increase your opportunities to push the boundaries a bit farther. Hand jobs, anyone? Or why not experiment with orgasm denial?

If you’re fortunate enough to have a private balcony, get out there! Open air and a healthy streak of exhibitionism can be extremely erotic. Drag out a sleeping bag and make like your camping. Lean coquettishly over the edge as if the neighborhood is the most interesting thing you’ve seen all day and let your lover secretly finger you. For those without balconies, don’t fret: why not apply a few of the suggestions in front of a window or two?

Stay tuned for the next installment of apartment sex. We’ll explore props-around-the-house and how to put your furniture to good use!

This is a post by Bethany Kibblesmith. She's passionate about keeping it sexy inside and outside the bedroom in her own relationship and in yours!

Bethany is twenty-two and an English major. When she isn't scrambling to finish homework, she's spending time with her boyfriend, reading, doing yoga or cooking. She enjoys the finer things in life like, secondhand clothes, warm showers and socks without holes. She writes plays when she isn't writing for school or GetLusty. And if you meet her she will, without question, make a sex joke at some point. Have questions? Email her at!

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